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Thank you!

It has been a whirlwind few months for us but now is the time to write a final newsletter for you, our faithful prayer partners and supporters.

We have now settled to life in All Nations Christian Centre. We were welcomed to the church at the beginning of January and Dave Campbell, the Regional Leader for the Metropolitan West region, brought a great word. It was lovely to have family and many friends come along.

We have moved into a flat in Crowthorne, which is such a blessing. IKEA at one point must have reserved a parking space for us! But we now have a bed and table and chairs plus furniture that have been given to us by family and friends. Hopefully, towards the end of the year, we will be able to buy our own place again once we have reestablished our credit rating here in the UK.

Barbie has been offered a job as a community midwife. What should have been a simple process became fraught with delays! However, this week she has been cleared by occupational health and has been given her start date: 20th March. She is excited but apprehensive too, as a new chapter begins for her career.

We, formally, heard this week that we are no longer Elim Missionaries. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with the Elim International Missions team. We would like to thank Iain Hesketh for his continued patience with us, as well as the whole team in Malvern who support the work of missionaries around the world. Although formally not missionaries any longer, we continue to feel like missionaries: it’s a heart motivation.

Pastor Solomon sends his thanks to all those who have given towards the project to build him a house. It is the first time the family have had an inside bathroom! Thank you to all those who gave towards this. It truly is life changing for them.

Finally, thank you to all of you for your prayers, friendship and support. Many of you kept your giving into our ministry going for a full three months after we returned, which was such a lifeline for us with expenses of setting up a new home and putting food on the table! We give thanks to God for your kindness.

Our website will stay active for a few months, as will our Facebook page, but in time these will be archived.

So, this is us, signing off.

With love and blessings,

Keith and Barbie

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