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It’s Still a Strange World

The simple phrase, “God so loved the world…” in John 3:16 has come back to mind recently. It is hard in a pandemic to see how that love is manifest, as so many have lost their battle with Covid. Yet everything we do should point us, and the world in which we live, to Jesus. Life only makes sense when it is viewed through the sacrifice of Jesus. There’s a growing sense in the UK that the virus is contained and that we are going to be okay. And yet other nations, like South Africa, will not be vaccinating the majority of their populations until next year. We will not be safe until the whole world is safe. We will not have completed our mission until the whole world has heard and been immersed in the Good News of Jesus. We need to live locally but think globally in these times.

Thank You!

We just want to express our thanks to the many faithful sponsors who have kept us in their budgets during this last year. We know for many that has been a challenge and some have been furloughed. It really helps us. Unsurprisingly we have lost several financial partners during the pandemic and whilst this proves challenging for us, we continue to thank God for all those who have walked with us on this journey past and present.

Quarantines and Viruses

We decided to come back home and form a bubble with Sam and Susanna to help with childcare while they moved house. The timing was perfect as we arrived a day before the hotel quarantine system was enforced as South Africa remains on the ‘red list’ of countries.

Special thanks to Darren and Rhi Lee who have given us the use of their self-contained flat for our visit to keep our costs to a minimum. We have had a lovely time with family and have even been able to see Matt and Rio and Ben and Emma, all socially distanced, as restrictions ease in the UK.

The people we minister to are confused by the ‘red list’ as the official figures show very few infections. We find ourselves constantly advising and educating around the virus and the protections needed.

Thankfully we have been able to get our first jab of the vaccination whilst here.

Good News!

We are going to be grandparents again! We are thrilled that Ben and Emma are expecting a baby in October. Last year was particularly difficult for them as they experienced the pain of two miscarriages. Please join us in praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery.


The town where we live is experiencing unrest and protests at the moment. As we write it is not safe to travel in or out of town and businesses are closing out of fear. The reasons are complex but began with the local mines insisting job applications be made online leading to many saying this was discrimination. The protests grew and now include those demanding potable water and a reliable electrical supply. The police are sending reinforcements from across the province of Limpopo to quell the rioters. Please pray for peace and that we might be part of the solution.


Keith continues to teach via online leadership talks released weekly on YouTube. You can look these up under Kandbinsa Training. These talks tend to be shortened versions of what we teach in leadership seminars and are watched by groups of people to save data. You can also check out his lockdown haircuts at various stages! You will also find a ‘baby box’ video from Barbie explaining that side of the ministry.

Keith is also doing online talks via WhatsApp to small groups in the villages whilst we are in the UK.

When we return we will be recommencing our feeding program.

Dates for Your Diary

As we are in the UK now, and there are no opportunities to speak at churches yet, we have postponed our furlough to September. Many think furlough is a holiday but it is not, rather it is a ‘home assignment’ to allow contact with prayer partners and supporters and churches. Please pray with us that we will not have to quarantine in a hotel when we return, the costs are prohibitive.

Here’s what is in the diary so far.


5th - Wantage Elim

12th - Church 180, Paignton.

19th - available

26th - available


3rd - available

10th Oct - All Nations, Reading.

17th - available

24th - available

For Prayer

  • Please pray for Ben and Emma and the pregnancy.

  • Please pray that we can get the second jab before we fly back on 12th May.

  • Please pray for our hometown and the protection of our house during the period of unrest.

  • Please pray for our furlough in September, that this will not be delayed, and that we won’t have to quarantine in a hotel.

Thank you for standing with us,

God Bless,

Keith and Barbie

All gifts for ministry should be sent to us via Elim Missions. This can be done: 1) online via the Elim Missions website-, 2) by post to Elim International Missions, De Walden Road, West Malvern, WR14 4DF. Cheques should be made payable to Elim International Missions & marked (insert name of missionary and country) on the reverse. Or, 3) if you would like to set up a Direct Debit, Standing Order or make a ‘one off’ bank transfer donation, please contact the Elim Missions office, to request further information. On the rare occasion that money is given to projects which become either over or under-subscribed or is continued to be given for a missionary after they have completed their missionary service, we will make every endeavour to contact donors before we divert funds to works of a similar nature. To cover the cost of administrating missionaries and overseas organisations, Elim Missions withholds a small percentage on gifts given. Registered Charity 251549 (England & Wales) / SC037754 (Scotland)

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