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Selepe Sa Phaphamale!

We have been reminded recently that there will always be challenges and struggles in life. Keith has been preaching a lot and has begun to incorporate Sepedi into his messages. One such message based on 2 Kings 6: 1-7, where a young man loses his axehead in the Jordan and Elisha miraculously makes it float, reminds us that despite the difficulties God is in control. Selepe sa phaphamale, the axehead floated!


As many of you know Keith had a small operation at the end of August. He is fully recovered now but it took a bit longer to bounce back than expected. Thank you for your prayers.

Barbie had a tougher time of it as that same week one of our dogs, Rosie, came down with tick bite fever and our old boy, Cooper, had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour.

In recent weeks we have had strong winds and these destroyed our shade-net carport - fortunately we are insured.

We have also experienced the challenges of drought and a crumbling infrastructure. Our water comes from the Olifants River, which is running dangerously low, and leads to a lot of challenges regarding reliable supply. Today, as we write, we have intermittent supply but we have just had five days with no water. This is compounded by the fact that air and sludge get forced through the system, which turns the dial on the water meters, and everyone’s water bill go up as a result! Ours lept by 700% but when we complained we were told simply to pay it or be disconnected next month. Many of our neighbours, and even in the areas we have ministered in, have installed boreholes to circumvent the issue.

Clinic Progress

Barbie has now received all the paperwork from the UK (Police check, university transcripts, letter from her previous employer, statement for the UK Midwifery Council etc), and so now can proceed with her application to have her midwifery recognised here.

Although she is a registered nurse here, the SA Nursing Council refused to recognise her midwifery qualifications even though the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) have stated she holds a BSc. The main problem is that there is no stand alone midwifery degree in South Africa.

Barbie will still have to complete an equivalency exam but we are unsure when this will take place. Once this is done we can finally begin to move forward.

The baby boxes she has been giving out have been well received and four villages that need midwifery clinics have been identified.

Itinerate Ministry:

We have been in the road a lot recently. Yesterday we had a tyre blow out on some potholed roads. We are grateful that a stranger stopped to help us as we needed two jacks to get the truck high enough to replace the tyre. We actually consider ourselves fortunate that we have been here a year prior to having such an issue.

We have been privileged to attend Emmanuel Assemblies’ National Youth Conference (yes, they let us in), and minister in

the following churches: Masorini, Topville, Nyakelang 4, Namakgale, and Sereba. We have held what are called ‘Revival Weeks’ in Topville, Nyakelang 4, Namakgale, and currently we are ministering at Sereba. Some of these revivals overlapped meaning we were shared between churches. It’s been wonderful to see God work, salvations (we lost count), and people testifying to healings. We were joined by Robin and Janet Fenner for one evening in Topville, not only was it good to minister together, but it gave Keith a rest from preaching for the night.

By and large recently we have focussed on smaller churches that are struggling, so these revivals have been a real encouragement to them.

Keith was also asked to speak at the National Annual General Meeting recently where all pastors and lay leaders come together (much like Elim’s Summit, but without the home comforts!) It was a joy to see Andries Mogoboya reelected at the General Superintendent for another term.

Church Plants

We are now busy with some church plants. Our first one, where we assisted the new pastor at Nyakelang 4 is going really well. Keith is now steering the church planting initiatives in the Northern District with a team of pastors and volunteers. A two week long mission is now going ahead in Makotopong (near Polokwane) in late November. Two more church plants have been pencilled in for March and July 2020.

Marriage Summit

We were asked to be the keynote speakers at an annual marriage conference organised by a member of one of the Emmanuel Assemblies in the area, Milton Malatji. Yes, Keith had to suit up, and Barbie looked dazzling!. They gave us a full 2 1/2 hour slot in the day's programme. It even made the local press. Over the years we have been privilege to minister into marriages in different ways and this was a real treat to do something pastoral again with about fifty couples in attendance. It was a challenege to separate out what is cultural, biblical and de-britishify our talk. They want to book us again for a three day weekend away next year!

New Book

Keith's latest book, Surrendered Warriors, is finally reaching the print stage. Things seem to take longer here, thanks for your patience, we will let you know when it's available.


14th- 20th October: Sereba Emmanuel Revival Week

21st-25th October: trip to the Cape for Elim Missions

27th October: Nobody Emmanuel

17th November: Highveld District Conference

18th November: Soweto Emmanuel

23rd-24th November: Steenbok Emmanuel Leaders Weekend

25th November to 8th December: Church Plant Mission to Makotopong

23rd-31st December: Christmas Revival Nkomo-B

Prayer requests:

  • For safety on the roads.

  • For our children and their families back home.

  • For Barbie’s midwifery to be recognised.

  • For the church planting initiatives.

  • For a borehole

Thank you for standing with us.

In His service,

Keith and Barbie

All gifts towards our ministry should be marked 'Jacksons South Africa' and sent to Elim International Missions, Elim International Centre, De Walden Road, West Malvern,

WR14 4DF (cheques payable to Elim International Missions).

If you would like to make regular gifts towards our support please visit our giving page or our contact page.

Thank you so much.

Charity No. 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland)

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