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Catching Our Breath

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of one of our supporters we are taking some time out. As we write this we are on KwaZulu-Natal north coast and spending a week in the same town we honeymooned in. Sun, sea and sand! Well, today it’s overcast! Rest is so important to all of us, and missionaries are no exception. Jesus said to the disciples: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest,” (Mark 6:31). We are so grateful for this opportunity and, as you will see, it’s been a busy time.

UK Team Visit

We arrived back from our furlough to be joined by Darren and Rhi Lee from the UK. We had a great time with them and they were able to join us on some of our activities. We also had great fun with their surname for Lee in Sepedi means egg! It means a lot to us to be joined by UK prayer partners and supporters. If you are interested in coming to visit please contact Mandy Campbell at Elim Missions in the first instance.

Lulekane and Phalaborwa Radio

Darren and Keith were invited to speak at the local radio station, Phalaborwa Community Radio, early in the morning after their arrival. Keith brought a 20 minute Sunday morning devotion and Darren shared news from the UK.

They then sped back home to collect Barbie and Rhi and went to Lulekane Emmanuel where they were to teach the Sunday School class. Sunday schools here are different to the UK and are basically Scripture memorisation and song learning classes, which is not bad in itself, but the children loved the lesson brought by Rhi as it had a lot more variety. Darren then preached at the main church.

Steenbok Emmanuel and Leadership Training

We travelled go Steenbok, south of eSwatini (Swaziland) and Darren and Keith spent a day training local church leaders. Darren spoke about the role of an elder which was well received. Keith preached at the main Sunday service whilst Darren spoke at Ngwenyeni where Elim sponsored a borehole, becoming the only reliable water source in the village. This project has really transformed

the church, who can now grow and sell crops, and the community who now have fresh drinking water.

Revival Week at Nyakeleng

A new church has been commenced in a poor village about 25 minutes from our home. We held a week long revival there and saw responses to the gospel every night. The church ran out of chairs and has had to purchase more. On a follow-up visit it was so encouraging to see the tin hut full and people handing in their applications for membership at this new church! Please pray for Tate and Mma Malese the new pastors there.

Baby Boxes

Whilst the Lee’s were here we began to purchase and make up the baby boxes.

The baby boxes are a simple idea that will go hand in hand with Barbie’s pop up antenatal clinics but is something we have begun already. The idea is to give new mums a box filled with products, baby clothes, a towel/blanket which they use to tie baby to their backs, a baby blanket and a Bible in their own language. A special meeting was convened at Nyakeleng, where there’s a new church plant, and eight boxes were given out. A further two boxes were given to mothers at a later meeting in the village. So far four of the families who received these boxes have joined the church! We are so blessed. A special thank you to all those who gave and to Liz Durham and the Ashingdon Elim ladies for their amazing fundraising efforts. Please check out our Gallery page for more pictures!

Church Planting

In a previous news letter we mentioned that Keith had held a church planting day in the Northern District. Since then the District Council have established a church planting sub-committee. Recently Keith met with them and outlined the strategy document that he’d previously submitted. He was then told that he is now responsible for this! A follow up church planting day was held, mainly with pastors, and this has been well received. Keith and Barbie, accompanied by a team member, went on a spying trip into areas where they had not been before to ascertain where it would be good to begin planting. Several villages and towns have been identified, along with locations near to where Emmanuel Assemblies already have a presence. Last weekend Keith was invited to preach at the Northern District Conference and to report on the church planting efforts to date. The response was amazing and led to spontaneous applause. Please pray for these new initiatives.

Topville and Selwane

Keith and Barbie were invited to return to Topville and Selwane Assemblies to speak once more. It’s always good to go back to fellowships as this helps strengthen the bonds of friendship. We have been invited back to Topville to carry out a revival week for them in September.

Home Improvements

Whilst in the UK Keith received a tax refund from the HMRC. We have used this extra cash to create a storage room in the house for the ministry supplies and medical equipment and also to beef up the security at home. We now have 2 metre high palisade fencing to the front of the house. Whilst Phalaborwa is a reasonably safe place to live at present we are aware that there are unexpected flare ups of violence and protests that seem to be getting closer to our town.

Pop Up Clinics

Barbie is continuing with her registration process here thanks to the kind help of a donation from a sponsor. We are now awaiting the last documentation to be sent from the UK to be submitted to the SA Nursing Council. Once this is done they will inform her about the timing of the equivalency exams. We have identified several villages where these clinics are desperately required in conjunction with the Emmanuel Assemblies Northern District Council. We feel like it’s getting tantalisingly close to opening these now and it has been a lesson in South African bureaucracy too!

Diary Dates


1st: Masorone Emmanuel Assembly

2nd: Phalaborwa Police Weekly Service

14th: Marriage Seminar - The Glory of Marriage - Phalaborwa

16th-22nd: Topville Emmanuel Revival Week

24th-26th: Emmanuel Assemblies Annuel General Congress


6th, 9th, 13th: Nyakeleng special meetings

18th-21st: Visit of Roy Johnston

27th: Nobody Emmanuel

Prayer Points:

For this week to be a restful time for us.

For Barbie’s midwifery registration process to be expedited

For Keith’s latest book to be published soon (the editorial process is a bit slow here)

For the revival in Topville (16th-22nd September)

For wisdom in where to plant the next churches later this year.

Thank you for standing with us.

In His service,

Keith and Barbie

All gifts towards our ministry should be marked 'Jacksons South Africa' and sent to Elim International Missions, Elim International Centre, De Walden Road, West Malvern,

WR14 4DF (cheques payable to Elim International Missions).

If you would like to make regular gifts towards our support please visit our giving page or our contact page.

Thank you so much.

Charity No. 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland)

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