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Us being inducted at Reading
Dave Campbell welcoming us at Reading
Billy Fenning at our Induction in REading
Iain Hesketh at our induction at Reading
George Dunn welcoming us at Reading
Mamelodi House Project drainage
Mamelodi House Project - shower room
cute too
happy to receive
Baby boxes ready to go
All Nations Reading
Giving health talk
Keith Preaching Kgapane
Keith Preaching Lulekani Aug 22
GS Keith and Church Planting Guest
N District Dedicating Land
Mamelodi House Fundations
Mamelodi House Walls
Mamelodi House Walls
Keith preaching at All Nations, Reading, UK
Keith Preaching at All Nations, Reading, UK
Roy Johnston and us in NI
Barbie speaking in Lisburn, NI
Preaching in Lisburn, NI
Keith with his Christian books
Publicity for Steenbok leaders
Keith speaking at National Leadership Day
Tony Leavesley
Keith speaking at National Leadership Day
Nyakelang  Church Roof 2
Nyakelang Church Roof
Sunday morning at Steenbok
Keith praying at AGC for Executive
Emmanuel at Ngwenyeni
Keith preaching at Emmanuel Steenbok
Some leaders at Steenbok
Keith training leaders at Steenbok
Keith speaking at Ngwenyeni
Barbie at Ngwenyeni
CP Khosa at the borehole in Ngwenyeni
Food distribution
Food distribution
Food distribution
Nyakaleng Roof Rroject
Keith Speaking at All Nations, Reading
Keith, Barbie and Roy at Giants Causeway, NI
Keith with one of his books in bookshop, Portadown NI
Elim Missions Charity Shop Team NI
Elim Missions at Fenner's Induction
Mr and Mrs Mongwe
cuddle time with a newborn
Two grateful recipients of baby boxes
Keith preaching at Nyakaleng
baby box delivery in a home
Expectant mums get their baby boxes
Fod for her family July 21
More food parcels July 21
Food parcels July 21
Food for her family July 21
Christmas 2020 food bulk buy
Christmas 2020 food parcels
Christmas 2020 food going out
Christmas 2020 food going out
Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020
South America Training Publicity
Last of the PG Tips
Feeding programme
Feeding Programme
Feeding prgramme
Feeding programme
Feeding progamme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding programe
Feeding programme
Feeding programme
Feeding prorgamme
Feeding prgramme
Feeding programme
Pastor Paul collecting food
Barbie with Mma Malese
Photo from Keith's online shop
Mma Malese collecting food
Pastor Paul Moghale collecting food
Feeding 1
Feeding 2
Feeding 4
Feeding 3
Food From All Nations Elim
Third batch made possible by Reading Eli
Third batch made possible by Reading Eli
Pastor Mogale giving out a baby box
Mma Malese giving a baby box
Pastor Moghale collecting food
Needy family receives help
Batch two, over one ton of food
Typical food parcel
Fresh veg too
Batch one made fifty food parcels
Pastor Moghale is happy
At Pastor Moghale's church
Not a great variety of products but at l
Church plant in near Dawn Park
Church plant near Dawn Park
Pastor Mike and us at Vosloorus
Preaching Vosloorus
Preaching at Vosloorus
Church plant near Dawn Park
Leadership training Highveld District
Leadership Training in Highveld
Leadership training Highveld
Moruti Mbowani at Mamelodi
Billy training leaders Elim Zimbabwe
Billy Fenning in pensive mood teaching E
Keith training Elim Zim Leaders
Keith preaching in Harare
Barbie nearly kidnaps a baby in a diner_
Flying back to the UK with Billy Fenning
Could not resist a sunrise picture
Nana and Pops with Joshua and Nathan
Preaching at BE Church
Keith speaking on mission at National Le
We gave this family a baby box and they
Barbie and Mma Malese, leader at Nyakele
Back in SA, speaking at Makhushane
Speaking at Nyakaleng 4
SW Book
Outreach Advert
Preaching Makotopong Crusade
Sereba Emmanuel
Pastor Rebecca at Nobody
Soweto Emmanuel
Speaking at Engagement Ceremony at Selwa
Preaching Makotopong Crusade
Makotopong Crusade
Makotonpog Crusde
Tent at Makotopong  Crusade
Highveld District Day
Leaders' Training Steenbok
Leaders' Training Steenbok
Leaders' Training Steenbok
Sereba Emmanuel, preaching in the dark!
Sereba Emmanuel, preaching in darkness
Nobody Emmanuel
Barbie always finds the little ones to l
Barbie speaking at Nyakaleng 4
Keith preaching at Nyakaleng 4
Newly Elected Exec 2019
Keith preaching at Topville
Barbie at Topville
Keith speaking at Marriage Summit 2019
We made the papers!
Keith and Barbie at the Marriage Summit
Milton and Gloria Malatji
Keith Preaching at Selwane Emmanuel
Keith speaking at Anti-Rhino Poaching Da
Babrie leading prayers at Anti-Rhino Poa
Babrie and mother of tgwins who received
Moruti Malesa at Nyakeleng
Keith preaching at revival at Nyakeleng.
Topville Emmanuel
Keith preaching at Topville
Barbie testifying at Topville
RHi with mother and baby at Nyakeleng
Rhi and babyat Nyakeleng
Keith at Nyakeleng
Rhio anmd Darren at Nyakeleng
Babrie with mum who received baby box
Barbie with first set of baby boxes
Darren and Rhi with CP Khosa at borehole
Barbie, Darren and Rhi at Steenbok
Rhi leading Sunday School Steenbok
Keith speaking Steenbok
Darren and Rgi Steenbok
Barbie finds another baby!
Darren training leaders at Steenbok
Barbie finds a baby
Keith training local leaders Steenbok
Keith at Steenbok
Barbie, Darren and Rhi at Steenbok
Kaith and Darren with Northern District
Darren preaching at Lulukane
Rhi testifying at Lulukane
Rhi and Barbie teaching Sunday School Lu
Darren and Moruti Mogale at Radio Statio
Preaching NkomoB
Preaching NkomoB
Pastor Paul Hobson Paignton
Paignton Elim
BarbieandDanielle_Missions Conf
Barbie loves kids! Top Ville Emmanuel
With veteran Pastors from Top Ville Emma
Northern District Church Planting Day
Keith speaking at Northern District Chur
Top Ville Emmauel, new church plant but
With veteran Pastors from Top Ville Emma
Keith speaking at Lulekane
Leith speaking at Nkomo-B
Barbie giving her testimony at Steenbok.
Barbie speaking at a ladies day on femal
Babrie kidnapping a baby at Alexandra
Keith preaching at Alexandra
Highveld Pastor's forum where Keith did
Barbie with the Pastor (yellow tie) and
An image on the side of a building
Team building with Northern District Cou
Training day with Northern District Coun
Team building with Lulekane leaders
Amazing young lady who interpreted at Nk
Nkomo-B Emmanuel
At Nkomo-B Emmanuel
Keith speaking at National Leadership Da
Preaching at Benoni in the very building
Barbie hugs!
The newly elected District Leaders in Hi
Keith bringing encouragement at the High
Barbie loves kids! Top Ville Emmanuel
Preaching at Namakgale EA

Preaching at Namakgale EA, Jan 2019.

Barbie at Namakgale EA

Barbie greeting at Namakgale EA, Jan 2019.

Praying at Lulekane EA

Barbie praying for the church at Lulekane EA

Preaching at Benfarm

Preaching at Benfarm EA, Jan 2019

Barbie greeting in Sepedi

Barbie greeting everyone at Benfarm EA in Sepedi

Pastor Israel Masie

Pastor Israel Masie of Benfarm EA

Honeymoon beach

Taken during a few days break over Christmas, the beach where we spent our honeymoon in 1988.

Preaching at Lephane

Preaching at a Youth Revival Week!

Youth Revival Week

Youth Revival week at Pastor Mogobyo's church

Lephepane Emmanuel

Arriving for the youth revival at Lephepane

Sunday school at Mamelode

Sunday school singing at Mamelode.

Greeting at Namakgale

Barbie greeting the church at Namakgale


We were invited to attend the wedding of the daughter of one of the national executive of Emmanuel Assemblies. What a great time!


Andy Taylor, Senior Pastor at Crewe Elim, July 2018.


It was a pleasure and a joy to officiate at the wedding of David and Tsitsi in August. A lovely couple and Keith's last wedding at Life Church.


Keith getting into the spirit of things at David and Tsitsi's wedding in August 2018.


Speaking at Riverside Church, Bewdley, August 2018.


Pastor Adam, at Riverside Church, Bewdley, Nigel Tween's assistant. Pastor Nigel was away, but we still had a great time and were wonderfully welcomed by the church.


Moving day! After seven years in Chelmsford, and after a lot of sorting through, some of our possessions begin their journey to South Africa.


Barbie and Keith spent a day doing 4x4 driver training at True Grip, Kent. Fantastic day!


Life Church farewell service: John and Joy Wilson presenting Keith and Barbie with a lovely book of messages and thank yours from church members. A very emotional moment.


Life Church farewell: Dave Campbell, Regional Leader, speaking at the service.


Life Church farewell: David Redbond, Regional Coordinator, bringing thanks on behalf of the Met East Region for Keith's 12 years of service on the team.


Life Church farewell: Billy Fenning, Pastor from Reading (Keith and Barbie's home church) and Missions Coordinator for the Met West Region, bringing a message of thanks.


Life Church farewell: David Gilbey, bringing greetings from Christians Together in Chelmsford. David took over as Chair after Keith stood down.


Life Church farewell: Darren Lee, one of the Oversight Team, bringing a thank you to Keith and Barbie for their service in the church.

IMG_3647 2

Life Church farewell: From left to right, Michelle, Owen, Lisa and Jess, singing at the service. Lisa sang a song she composed that she had performed in Bulgaria with Keith and a team on mission. A special moment.


Life Church farewell: from left to right, Phil, Carolyn and Rachel, leading worship at the service.

IMG_3642 2

Life Church farewell: Phil Hannam was Keith's associate pastor at the church and was recently inducted as the new senior pastor, bringing a welcome to the service.

Preaching at Wantage Elim June 2018
Wantage Elim

Being prayed for at Wantage Elim

Romford Elim

The talented Glen Podd, Pastor at Romford Elim, on our visit there 13/5/18

Romford Elim

Preparing to share at Romford Elim, 13/5/18

Worthing Elim

Pastor Andrew Fadoju introducing us at Worthing Elim, 20/5/18

Worthing Elim

Speaking at Worthing Elim, 20/5/18

30 Years, Not Out!

Celebrating 30 Years of Marriage in London, 21/5/18


It was a joy to host Andries and Madeline Mogoboya and CP Khosa, taking them to see the sites in London, 27/5/18.

Elim Missions Academy

Residential Week in Malvern, 28/5-2/6 2018

Commissioned at Regents!

Being commissioned as missionaries, 2/6/18, Barbie's birthday!

Selly Oak Elim

Speaking at Selly Oak Elim, 10/6/18.

Selly Oak Elim

Pastor Iain Hesketh introducing us to the church, 10/6/18.

Selly Oak Elim

Some of the good people at Selly Oak Elim, 10/6/18.

Keith & Barbie speaking at Tramway

Keith and Barbie speaking at Tramway Christian Fellowship in Edmonton, London.


Keith speaking at Tramway Christian Fellowship, Edmonton, London. Amazing church with such a warm welcome.


Barbie promoting the book Exquisite Jesus and expelling how folks can become a prayer partner and supporter.


Keith and Barbie shared the dream of the new adventure in Reading, All Nations Christian Centre, in November 2017.


Billy Fenning and George Dunn praying for us at All Nations Christian Centre, Reading, November 2017. Great church with a great pastor.


Keith and Barbie, October 2017.


Keith speaking at the Leader's Day in Lephane Fellowship 2017.


Pastor Jeremiah and Keith, March 2017


Keith praying for a child at the Barbeton Revival, March 2017.


Robin and Janet Fenner on their visit to Life Church, May 2017.


Missions Academy - training to be sent to the Nations, October 2017.


Pastor Andries speaking at Life Church, 2017.


Keith speaking at Eastbourne, July 2017, raising awareness of the new SA adventure.


Keith and Barbie


Sunset over Barbeton


Keith preaching in Barbeton Church plant with Pastor Selby interpreting in 2017.

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